Senior Leadership Team Responsibilities

We have a Senior Leadership Team that comprises 11 individuals with representation from both teaching and professional support staff. This includes Headteacher, 2 x Deputy Headteachers, 5 x Assistant Headteachers, Headteacher's PA, School Business Manager and Data & Exams Manager.

Kieran McGrane

(Headteacher/CEO Pele Trust)

1  Overall responsibility for:

a)    Effectiveness of leadership and management

b)    Strategic planning and vision

c)     Financial management

d)    School improvement planning

e)    School self evaluation and department reviews

f)      Staff appointments

g)    Performance management, appraisal and pay progression

h)    Middle leadership; consistency, quality assurance and development

i)      Implementation of policies & procedures

j)      Whole school feedback:

                        i)         Student voice (SOTM)

                       ii)         Parent surveys

                      iii)         Staff surveys

k)     Staff requests for leave of absence

l)      Organisation of open day visits

m)   Liaison with the Academy Committee

n)    Staff briefings

o)    Organisation of training days


2  Line management of:

a)    Deputy Headteachers (x2)

b)    Business Manager

c)     Headteacher’s PA

d)    Humanities faculty


Jim Balkwill

(Deputy Headteacher)

1  Overall responsibility for:

a)    The school in the absence of the Headteacher (with SMC)

b)    Standards and Achievement (KS4)

c)     Coordination of RAG meetings (KS4)

d)    In-school variation:

                        i)         Analysis of departmental and staff performance

                       ii)         Support plans for individuals and departments (as necessary)

e)    Curriculum planning and KS4 options processes (with MWA)

f)      Support your child evenings

g)    SLT link meetings programme

h)    Teaching staff return to work meetings

i)      Support staff return to work meetings

j)      Revision and additional study programmes

k)     Whole-school extra-curricular and enrichment programme

l)      Educational trips and visits final approval

m)   Target setting and monitoring of progress (with JCI)

n)    Child protection (Deputy DSP)


2  Line management of:

a)    Assistant Headteachers (x3)

b)    Expressive Arts faculty


Year group link: Year 11

Stefan McElwee

(Deputy Headteacher)

1  Overall responsibility for:

a)    The school in the absence of the Headteacher (with JBA)

b)    The quality of teaching, learning and assessment practices:

                        i)         Bespoke CPL provision

                       ii)         Action research oversight (with MWA)

                      iii)         Teaching and learning assessment group

c)     Overview of the school pastoral system (Years 7-11)

                        i)         Whole school pastoral meetings

                       ii)         Behaviour management systems

                      iii)         Attendance

                     iv)         School-wide SMSC provision

                       v)         Student planners

                     vi)         Assembly rota

d)    Admissions

e)    Coordination of the on-tow system

f)      Coordination of the on-call system

g)    Organisation of parents’ evenings (KS4)

h)    Alternative and off-site education

i)      Exclusions and reintegration meetings

j)      Representative at LA Fair Access Panel

k)     Oversight and leadership of RSE

l)      Organisation of PSHE sessions 


Line Management of:

a)    Assistant Headteachers (x3)

b)    Technology faculty

Year group link: Year 10


David Coburn

(Assistant Headteacher)

1  Overall responsibility for:

a)    IAG and Careers

                        i)         KS3 coordination (with SRO)

                       ii)         KS4 advice for options (with JBA)

                      iii)         Post 16 careers and apprenticeships

b)    Pupil Premium and closing the gap of disadvantaged students

c)     Coordination of numeracy across the curriculum

d)    Parental engagement

e)    Parents’ handbook (with KMC)


2 Line management of:

a)    English faculty



Year group link: Year 12 & 13

David Hicklenton

(Assistant Headteacher)

1  Overall responsibility for:

a)    Effectiveness of 16-19 provision

b)    Achievement post 16

                        i)         Raising Achievement Group (Post 16)

c)     Behaviour and safety post 16

d)    Systems for recording, tracking and reporting student data post 16

e)    Leadership and management post 16:

                        i)         Managing key leaders in team

                       ii)         Managing form tutors post 16

f)      IAG and progression post 18:

                        i)         UCAS applications lead

                       ii)         Apprenticeships

                      iii)         Jobs and careers

g)    Coordination of the post 16 options process and evening

h)    Coordination of student voice post 16

i)      Child protection (Deputy DSP)



2  Line management of:

a)    Deputy Heads of post-16 (x2)

b)    Post-16 support staff

Modern Languages faculty

Lyn Robinson

(Assistant Headteacher)

1  Overall responsibility for:

a)    Oversight of SEND provision and strategy across the school

b)    Safeguarding and Child Protection (Designated Senior Person)

c)     Prevent duty lead

d)    Access arrangements for exams

e)    Inclusion, intervention and achievement of:

                        i)         Looked after children

                       ii)         Forces children

                      iii)         Young carers


Line management of:

a)    Curriculum Support Assistants

b)    Business & ICT faculty


Year group link: Year 8



Sarah Routledge

(Assistant Headteacher)

1  Overall responsibility for:

a)    Oversight of KS3, including:

                        i)         Raising attainment

                       ii)         Progress

                      iii)         Intervention

                     iv)         Support strategies

b)    Transition from KS2 to KS3

                        i)         Coordination of transition activities with Pele Trust schools

                       ii)         Effective transition of non-Pele Trust students

c)     Planning for use of catch up funding for Y7 students

                        i)         Accelerated reader programme

d)    Coordination of literacy across the curriculum


2  Line management of:

a)    Science faculty

b)    Transition & Pastoral Support Worker

c)     Librarian


Year group link: Year 7

Mark Warland

(Assistant Headteacher)

1  Overall responsibility for:

a)    Curriculum development and planning:

                        i)         KS4 options process (with JBA)

                       ii)         Post 16 curriculum (with DHI)

b)    Induction programme for new staff:

                        i)         Staff new to the school

                       ii)         School direct and ITT students

                      iii)         Newly qualified teachers

c)     Middle leadership development (below RAL):

                        i)         RADs/RACs

                       ii)         NQT +1 & 2

d)    Assessment, recording and reporting

e)    Timetable construction

f)      Staff duty rota

g)    Promotion and development of whole school STEM activities and initiatives


2  Line management of:

a)    Maths faculty


Year group link: Year 9


Diane Jamieson

(Business Manager)

Overall responsibility for:

a)    School budget

                        i)         Setting and monitoring of budget

b)    Management of external contracts and SLAs

c)     GDPR and data management

d)    Oversight of premises and facilities

e)    Oversight of catering

f)      Human resources lead (with KMC)

                        i)         Appointments process

                       ii)         Contracts

                      iii)         Liaison with the LA

g)    School wide ICT provision (with MWA)


Line management of:

a)    Site staff

b)    Catering staff

Finance staff

Joanna Ciucciove

(Data and Exams Manager)

Overall responsibility for:

a)    Exams:

                        i)         Entries for all external exams & compliance with JCQ regulations

                       ii)         Access arrangements for external exams (with LRO)

                      iii)         Internal examination processes

                     iv)         Appointing and training of exam invigilators

b)    Data:

                        i)         Target setting

                       ii)         Recording and tracking systems

                      iii)         Reports for school/department & teacher level analysis

                     iv)         Tables Checking Exercise

                       v)         Assessment Calendar

c)     Coordination of parents’ evening booking system

d)    EVC

e)    Course Manager in SIMS and to liaise with LJO to ensure accuracy of Census


Line management of:

Data and Exams Officer

Clare Barker

(Administration and School Profile)

Overall responsibility for:

a)    School website

b)    Marketing and publicity

c)     Annual calendar

f)      Register and record sickness absence

g)    Appointments process:

                        i)         Adverts

                       ii)         Programme

                      iii)         References

h)    Clerk to governors


Line management of:

School administration staff