Staff List 2023-24

We have a large and committed staff team at Ponteland High School. Individuals are listed in their teams with any additional responsibilities identified.

Staff List 2023-2024

Stefan McElwee Headteacher (Geography)
Robert Spurr Deputy Headteacher (Science, Biology)
Mark Warland Deputy Headteacher (Science, Physics)
Jonny Greenshields Deputy Headteacher (RE)
Will Close-Ash Assistant Headteacher (Science, Physics)
Sarah Routledge Assistant Headteacher (English)
Lyn Robinson Assistant Headteacher (SENDCO)
Julie Hall Assistant Headteacher (Head of Sixth Form)
Diane Jamieson Business Manager
Clare Barker P.A. to the Headteacher/CEO, Office Manager and Clerk to the Governing Body
Jamie Ward Data and Exams Manager
Claire Leightley Chief Operating Officer
Julie Collins Management Accountant
Sharon Fairbridge Finance Manager
Elizabeth Higgins Finance Assistant
Andrea Wray Finance Assistant
Tynne Johnson Finance Assistant
Rebecca Hodgson Finance Assistant
Linda Jones Senior Administration Officer
Claire Downey Receptionist/Clerical Assistant
Mel Mortimer Receptionist/Clerical Assistant
Sophie Bradley Receptionist/Clerical Assistant
Allison Handy Data and Exams Officer
Hayley Bell Senior Science Technician
Bethany Kelly Science Technician
Craig Mordey Science Technician
Stuart Walker Science Technician
Paul Graney Technology Technician (Part time)
Trish Lovekin Food Technician
Ann-Marie Briggs Librarian/Learning Resource Centre Manager
Clare Timmons Cover supervisor
James McCombe PE Cover Supervisor
Nicola Park Cover Supervisor (Part time)
Luke Elliott Cover Supervisor (from April 24)
Alison Bowring Careers Coordinator
Frank Young Senior Caretaker
Dean Best Late Duty Caretaker
Richard Bell Pele Trust Catering Manager
Carol George PHS Catering Manager
Tracey Havelock Cook
Linda Armstrong Kitchen Assistant
Shirley Halliwell Kitchen Assistant
Louise Henry Kitchen Assistant
Sandra Lee Kitchen Assistant
Jane Martin Kitchen Assistant
Samantha Slade Kitchen Assistant
Sarah Wilkinson Kitchen Assistant
Kath Young Kitchen Assistant
Ellie Riley Kitchen Assistant
Lyndsey Newton Kitchen Assistant
Andy Allman Pastoral and Transition Support Worker
Helen Brewis Y7 Pastoral Leader (English)
Joey Murray Y7 Pastoral Manager
Chris Benn Y8 Pastoral Manager (French, German)
Moira Andrews Y8 Pastoral Manager
Emma Lee Y9 Pastoral Leader (Drama, Dance)
Sally Huntley/Rebecca Young Y9 Pastoral Manager
Helen Hartley Y10 Pastoral Leader (English)
Paul Coulson Y10 Pastoral Manager
Lydia Cowell Y11 Pastoral Leader (PE)
Lynn Mordey Y11 Pastoral Manager
Beth Edmondson Deputy Head of Sixth form
Dawn McKenna Sixth form Student Coordinator
Naureen Amjad Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Cameron Willis Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Becky Bradley Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Sonja Cooper Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Veronica Dandes Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Shor Renyard Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Charlotte Huddart Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Lesley-Anne Huddart Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Kelly Johns Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Joanne Jones Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Rebecca Young Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Christopher Younger Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Richard Oliver Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Amanda Williamson Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Nadia Salinas - Vernaza Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Zoe Simpson Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Sandra Williams Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Tracey Newton Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Helen Sumner Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Jeff Winship Special Needs Assistant, Curriculum Support
Helen Pearse Inclusion Manager
Aiden Sutherland Raising Achievement Leader (Business, Economics)
Mark Tippins Raising Achievement Deputy - Head of Business (Business, ICT)
Khurram Chaudhry Raising Achievement Deputy - Head of ICT and Computing (ICT and Computing)
Sophie Brown Business, Economics and ICT
Samantha Carr Business, Economics and ICT (Part time)
Sharron Hudson Business (Part time)
John Richardson ICT, Computing and Design Technology
Paul Wright ICT, Computing
Rachel Clarke Raising Achievement Leader
Katie Pounder Raising Achievement Deputy
Chloe Emmerson Raising Achievement Coordinator
Christine Heath Raising Achievement Coordinator
Joe Parkin Raising Achievement Coordinator
Carly Bamborough English
Katherine Bone English
Naomi Close-Ash English
Fiona Digby English
Justine Wright English
Aly Burridge Raising Achievement Leader (Media)
Paul Dunn Raising Achievement Deputy (Head of PE)
Philip Rosier Raising Achievement Deputy (Head of Music)
David Todd Media
Jessica Stevens Music
Jolene Byers Head of Girls’ PE
Leeann Anderson PE
Chris Doig PE
Gordon Grier PE
Sophie Watson PE
Sarah Tuck Raising Achievement Leader (Spanish, French, German)
Paula Davison Raising Achievement Deputy
Marie Merlaud Raising Achievement Coordinator (French)
Clare Brockenbrow Spanish, French
Jo Fraser French, German
Lauren Howells French, Spanish
Joanne Suffolk French, German
Jeremiah Suffolk Raising Achievement Leader
Anna Pickover Raising Achievement Deputy (Part Time)
Colin Egner Raising Achievement Coordinator (Part Time)
Daniel Patten Raising Achievement Coordinator
Paul Jones Raising Achievement Coordinator
Mridula Babu Maths
Anna Bunce Maths (Part Time)
Helen Johnson Maths (Part Time)
Emma Leitch Maths
Murdo Morrison Maths
Steve Symons Maths
Ashleigh Thompson Maths (Part Time)
Katie Winship Maths (Part Time)
Nick Tuck Raising Achievement Leader (Chemistry)
Jon Clayson Raising Achievement Deputy (Physics)
Susan Gair Raising Achievement Coordinator (Chemistry)
Amelia Yates Raising Achievement Coordinator (Biology)
Paige Nelson Raising Achievement Coordinator (Chemistry)
James Fisher Physics
Guy Gibson Biology
Susan Green Science (Part time)
Emma McAllister Biology
Stephen Oliver Chemistry
Liam Pollard Chemistry
Connor Pommells Physics
Sarah Rutherford Biology
Amy Spence Science
John Brown Raising Achievement Leader (Geography)
David Bartlett Raising Achievement Deputy (History)
Caitlin Naylor Raising Achievement Deputy (RE, Psychology)
Phil Ross Raising Achievement Deputy (Geography)
Phil Robinson Deputy SENCO
Jo Baker RE
James Thompson RE
Courtney Radcliffe Geography
Michael Quinn History
Paul Reid History
Sara Stripp History
Michael Driver Psychology
Claire Light Raising Achievement Leader (Technology)
Nichola Gray Raising Achievement Deputy (Food Technology)
Karen Murphy Raising Achievement Deputy (Art, Textiles)
Harriett Bennett (Jan 24) Design Technology
Alice Hornby Art and Textiles
Jane Kemp Art
Mark Shone Technology
Kirsty Wickham Food Technology, Textiles