SEND Information Report

At Ponteland High School we value all learners and believe in creating an inclusive school where students can thrive. We aim to implement a personalised approach for all students who may require special education adjustments or provision and we currently work with students who have a wide range of needs.

Graduated Approach

Our Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) information report outlines the support available for learners at each stage of our graduated approach.

At Ponteland High School we broadly  follow the Northumberland Local Authority -Graduated Approach to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). This approach follows an Assess- Plan- Do- Review cycle to establish how we can best work with a student to support their needs and build up a measured response that helps to target and inform practice. 

Our initial approach for any students who may be struggling in class is that of Quality First Teaching (QFT). This strategy ensures a SMART targeted approach is taken in order to maximise student progress. To view more information on the different categories of SEND and the quality first teachings strategies our teachers practice in the classroom take a look at our teacher QTF SEND Toolbox.

At Ponteland we also routinely screen new learners on entry to the school to correctly identify and assess SEND, more information can be found in our SEND information report. We will share any information that we receive from any assessments or screening with parents and carers to enable us to plan support together.

We firmly believe that it is our role to help prepare learners for the next stages of independent life beyond school and we will have this aim at the forefront of all discussions when planning support. We would encourage any parents, who have any related queries to contact our SENCO:

SEND Local Offer

Further information about our SEND offer can be found by following the link below.