Career of the Week

An important part of our careers offer is the weekly ‘Career of the Week’ shared in pastoral sessions. We aim to introduce our students to the diverse range of careers that students of our school are now involved in. If you are an alumni of the school willing to share your career journey we would love to hear from you! You can fid out more about the careers that have been shared in the folder below.

COTW 8 - Interior Design.pdf

COTW 13 - Change Manager.pdf

COTW 12 - Mechatronics Engineer.pdf

COTW 11 - Dental Nurse.pdf

COTW 10 - Electrician.pdf

COTW9 - Journalism.pdf

COTW4 - Paralegal.pdf

COTW5 - Supply Chain Manager.pdf

COTW6 - Architect.pdf

COTW7- Change Manager.pdf

COTW1 - Aircraft Engineer.pdf

COTW2 - Midwife.pdf

COTW3 - Quantity Surveyor.pdf