Key Stage 4

We have a traditionally academic curriculum at KS4 with the majority of our subjects offered as GCSE courses. We have a small number of vocational courses and also offer Prince's Trust as an alternative to a foreign language for identified students.

Key Stage 4

We are committed to providing breadth in our curriculum by offering a wide range of subjects and providing freedom of choice for students to pursue those that best mirror their aptitudes, interests and aspirations. Approximately 90% of our students take a modern foreign language at GCSE as we feel it is an essential subject and equips them to be part of a growing global society. All students also study GCSE RE across Y9-11 as we believe the subject equips them with an understanding and tolerance of values and cultures relevant to life in modern Britain. However, not all students are entered for the final GCSE RE exam.

We are committed to growing our EBacc numbers through increased uptake in languages and, particularly, humanities and have adapted our KS3 curriculum to provide sufficient time for these subjects to be explored in depth.  We anticipate that this level of exposure will encourage our students to opt to continue studying Geography and/or History to GCSE but this choice will be made based on great teaching and a positive experience, as opposed to a targeted pathway approach.

Key Stage 4 Subjects

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Science (Separates/Combined)








Core PE




Option subjects x 3