Relationships, Sex and Health Education

We know that our young people face a range of opportunities and challenges as they grow up. In achieving our mission statement of students who are happy, safe and achieve well, we want to equip our students to harness the opportunities they experience, whilst wisely managing the challenges and risks. Our Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) programme seeks to equip students to be safe and healthy as well as to manage their friendships and relationships in a positive way.

Our programme is delivered through assemblies, our tutorial programme as well as 'drop-down' sessions led by your child's pastoral tutor. As such our RSHE learning occurs within the context of safe and secure relationships and the broader support of our pastoral system.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed and sequenced to ensure that concepts are introduced at the right time. All sessions are designed by staff within our school community so that we can have confidence that they are high quality and age-appropriate. 

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We recognise that on many of the significant issues that we cover in our RSHE Curriculum, parents are rightly the primary educators of their children. Please find below a list of helpful websites that offer useful information and guidance for parents.