22 miles for Denton Youth & Community Project

05 December 2022

Rosie, Year 10, wants to raise some much needed funds for her Youth club in West Denton and asked her dad Richard to help.
Proud dad Richard says "I love a challenge and this certainly is one big challenge for Rosie. I suggested a bike ride."  There are a few issues with this idea - Rosie’s has never ridden a bike before EVER! For those that don’t know Rosie, she has cerebral palsy, so learning to ride a bike in winter (December) is definitely not the easiest especially as she is prone to muscle cramps in the cold!
After their first training ride, Richard said he "couldn’t feel his fingers after 5 minutes however Rosie managed to talk non stop the entire time, mostly telling me to 'slow down!" Rosie said "I am disabled enough I don’t want to be anymore more disabled, slow down!"
"By our fifth lap I could feel her confidence on the bike growing, however she might say differently!"
Best of luck to Rosie and her team.


Ponteland High School