Aimee Aston to teach in Senegal

07 April 2021

Ponteland High Sixth former to teach in Senegal

Aimee Aston (Year 13)  has been busy making and selling cakes for the last few months in order to raise money for a trip to Senegal in Africa. She is going to be working in a school teaching English during a year out before hopefully taking up her place at Medical School in September 2022.  

Aimee is taking orders now for Easter specials and she (and her family) are delivering the cakes as ordered to addresses in Ponteland; I’m sure they can be persuaded to extend the deadline after Easter too! Although this has been a strange year with little travel, Aimee is hopeful that by 2022 she will be able to fly to Senegal and travel to the rural school she will be working in for almost a year. 

If you would like to order cakes or see more about her enterprising scheme, please click on this link to her instagram page for more information both about the trip and the cake deliveries!   


Ponteland High School