Background to being famous by Inder L

06 April 2022

My family and I appeared on Saturday Night Takeaway on Saturday 12 March 2022.

It took a long time to reach the point of being on the show, a lot of pressure and nail biting waiting but we knew for sure on the actual day of the show that things were going to get exciting.

We had a full ITV camera crew that was at our house that connected up live to the studios at ITV (Control Centre). We also had earpieces in our ears during the rehearsals and the actual show. Prior to rehearsals we were told to prepare props for 12 movies, 3 of which would be used for rehearsals and then 3 of the remaining 9 would be chosen at random on the live show.

The Live Show

The person who was telling us what to do (ITV Controller in the London studio), told us to sit down and wait until it was our moment. Eventually the game segment came on, and the whole instructions were to act out the movie the person would tell us via the earpiece. They only told us one second before, via the earpiece, which film we had to act out, so it was a lot of pressure! We had to be ready to act out several movies … in rehearsals, I have to say, Richard. E Grant wasn’t the best at guessing but thankfully things improved during the live show. Then all eyes were on us. 

The first movie we had to act out was the Jungle Book; we had 45 seconds to act the 3 movies out. Richard guessed that one in 10 seconds. With 35 seconds left to go, we acted out The School Of Rock. He guessed that one with 24 seconds to spare. With £500 in the bank we had to aim for the no. 1 prize:

The Takeaway Getaway

The last movie we had to act out was Beauty and The Beast and it was guessed within seconds!




Overall, it was an amazing experience going on Saturday Night Takeaway, meeting Ant & Dec and Richard. E Grant (virtually), the shows’ producers and having ITV cameras and crew in our lounge. We were very lucky to go on the show that millions of people watch. Friends and family from all over the country were immediately calling us after the show, which felt amazing.

Time to plan the holiday now and maybe consider a career in TV!



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