Bee Showcase

07 October 2022

On Tuesday 27th September, Ponteland High School hosted the second ‘Bee Showcase’ event to share the amazing bee curriculum.  More than 100 families arrived along with a number of Pele Trust primary school colleagues to see learning in Year 7 Science, Geography, Art, Technology and Maths and to explore how the students  were using their knowledge acquired in Year 6.  Year 7 students articulated their experiences from Year 6 in primary school:  tasting honey, sampling meadows, working with beekeepers, wearing a bee suit and using a smoker, ‘zooming’ with beekeepers in the Scilly Isles. 

Visitors were able to watch the film première of Heddon’s collaboration with the ‘Haltwhistle Film Festival’ and view an installation of collage hexagons which showed how the feeder primary schools all came together to create a united honeycomb. Year 7 students showed visitors how their current learning utilised their Year 6 knowledge in learning about the Fibonacci sequence, the problem of asian hornets, monoprinting techniques and the viscosity of honey! 

One of the visitors commented:  “I had such a lovely time on Tuesday night; it was great to see the students and how much they are enjoying their new learning and school! Thank you!”



Ponteland High School