Books, Authors, Anagrams, Guess the book Title ….. must be the Yearly National Literacy Quiz

28 March 2022

On Friday 18 March, two teams of avid readers lined up to take part in the North East regional heat of the National Literacy Reading Quiz. Our two teams, one from Year 7 and one from Year 8, fought to answer ten rounds of questions on topics such as Dystopian and Science Fiction, Author Pictures and Brainteasers, which certainly got our students searching their memory banks.

There were 22 teams across the region entered on the day and despite the high levels of concentration and hard work of our students; both the teams were unable to reach a place in the final later this year.

Librarian, Miss Lawson, said, “I’d like to offer my sincere congratulations to the team members (Chloe Mc, Kairon L, Emily L, Anaya B, Alice W, Ethan W, Abigail E and Maisie E) for all their hard work and effort. We will be back next year to battle again!”


Ponteland High School