Books galore for our students at ‘Forum Books’ in Corbridge

03 March 2022

As part of our ‘World Book Day’ celebrations, a group of Year 7 students were invited along on an exciting reading trip. On Wednesday 2 March, 30 students and five staff browsed the capacious shelves of ‘Forum Books’ in Corbridge. After 45 minutes of delightful procrastination and helpful direction from the bookshop staff, the Year 7 students each selected a book to take away and read. Seated in ‘Spokes Cafe’ a few doors away, students read their books whilst supping hot chocolate and eating cake.  

Archie, who chose ‘The Father Corner’ which is a non-fiction book by Harry Pearson, said he enjoyed the time in ‘Forum Books’ and picked this because it starts off with a football match against Newcastle United. A popular choice was the ‘Heartstoppers’ series and Amelia said she enjoyed having time to read her copy of ‘Heartstoppers’ and plans to get the next book in the series when she’s finished!  Charlie loved having the time to choose a book she liked and picked the graphic novel, ‘The Sad Ghost Club’ by Lize Meddings.

Zade, Helen and Heather at ‘Forum Books’ were incredibly knowledgeable about KS3 fiction, Young Adult fiction and non-fiction, and made some great recommendations. Following our visit, they said, “I wanted to thank you so much for your visit today … myself and the team thoroughly enjoyed having your students here” and the team at ‘Spokes Cafe’ said they would definitely welcome us back again!


Ponteland High School