Brightening up a residential home! By Claire T

24 April 2024

A few months ago myself and four other staff (together with the help of Paul our DT technician from Ponteland High School) embarked on a project to find a good use for the old Perspex partitions left over from covid.
Through my voluntary work at a local residential home, we decided to use the panels to create bespoke pieces of art to brighten up the outside courtyard at the home which is used by both residents and staff in warmer weather.
The theme was ‘Nature’ and we all created a bright and engaging piece. The pieces have now been mounted in time for the residents and staff to enjoy whilst sitting in their courtyard. It was lovely to see something positive come from something that was so negative (Covid), we found it a real privilege to be part of this project.
Staff and residents at the Nursing home are delighted with the artwork.  


Ponteland High School