Can the Students become the teachers?

13 July 2023

On Tuesday, students from Years 12 to 8 took on the Staff of Ponteland High. The Staff team opened the batting (with half still teaching), Mr Todd and Mr Grier got them off to a positive but steady start, both scoring a respectable 9 runs. Then a flurry of wickets led to Mr Dunn leading a charge (top score of 21), particularly taking to the bowling of W Alderson as his extra pace seemed to go even quicker off the bat. A quick cameo from Mr Driver and Mr Willis at the end led to a par score of 80.
The students seemed to race away at the start of their innings, with W Alderson hitting a noticeable six early on but was given out for 12 runs. Theo T led the charge with a second top score of 12. This led the students needing 17 off the last three overs with Mrs Emmerson onto bowl, she managed to get the important wicket off Emily A. Needing only 3 to win going into the last over, this should have been an easy task for Max C and Emily W but some excellent bowling from Mr Thompson meant they needed two off the last ball. Cullen was on strike and ran for the single but struggled for the second and was run out, leaving the entertaining match as a draw!
The game was played in fantastic spirits and a special thanks to Charlie L for captaining the students. The staff are already in training for next year!


Ponteland High School