Congratulations to Ponteland High School’s (new) Year 7 British Jiu Jitsu Winner - Freddy Blane

13 September 2021

This past weekend Freddy was busy emulating the success of Emma Raducanu as he won the Gold Medal at the All Stars Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) European Championships. 


Freddy turned in an overpowering performance as he won all his matches by submission and with no points scored against him! 


As if this wasn’t enough, Freddy decided to challenge himself and therefore he also moved up to the weight class above his own; he only went and won the Gold Medal in that category too. 


Freddy is so dedicated to BJJ that he travels to Durham 5 times each week for training and also does multiple strength and conditioning sessions at home. 


Head of PE, Mr Dunn commented:

“It is wonderful to hear about the exploits of students like Freddy even when it involves activities that take place away from school. I feel it is important that, as teachers, we are aware of these successes so that we can celebrate with Freddy but also provide any additional support he needs in school.”


Ponteland High School