COP26 - Exclusive by Nick Bridge Special Representative for Climate Change

14 December 2021

We were delighted to show the students an exclusive special assembly last week.  Nick Bridge, the Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change recorded a 5 minute video message for us about COP26 and the importance of the conference.  

The message was very well received by our students who responded with perceptive and thoughtful comments about how they can engage in becoming climate change ambassadors and make a real difference! 

Sarah Routledge who organised this said, “We are so lucky to have been able to share such an authentic experience with our students.  Nick spoke with passion and enthusiasm about the conference and the importance of young people’s engagement with the issue of climate change.  It was a message of positivity and optimism, which has hopefully inspired our students to consider the ways in which they can be the generation that makes a lasting difference.” 

You can view the full presentation here


Ponteland High School