Designing houses with the Farrell Project

11 July 2023

A group of our year 8 students have engaged in the 'Farrell Project' over recent weeks led by Newcastle University.

In this project, students were set the challenge of designing model houses of the future inspired by the work of the architect Sir Terry Farrell. Working alongside students from the Royal Grammar School, students produced streets of houses on four key themes, 'wind, extinction, shiver and flood'. They were supported in this by lecturers and students from the engineering and architecture courses at Newcastle University to produce work of high quality and insight.

This has formed the basis for an exhibition at the new Farrell Centre which will be displayed throughout the summer holiday period. Assistant Headteacher, Mr Greenshields commented, 'Our students have been tremendous ambassadors for the school in their participation in this project, producing work that shines through with quality and inspiration. The exhibition produced by Newcastle University is a great one to visit if you are in the city centre this summer.'


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