Dynamic Earth by Jay B-W

17 December 2021

On Thursday last week, 60 members of Year 9 Geography had a fantastic trip to Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh…

For anyone who hasn’t been before, Dynamic Earth is a museum that guides you through the ages, from the Big Bang to current times. 

We explored a planetarium which taught us about the size and effects of prehistoric volcanoes. 

We also discovered the work of Edinburgh scientist James Hutton. His studies on rock formation, including Salisbury Crags near the Dynamic Earth centre, revealed that our world is much older than had previously been thought.

Next, we travelled in a time machine to the present day and heard how weather patterns across the UK have been changing over time. 

The theme of global warming continued, as we learned how scientists have discovered it’s possible to slow glacial melt by laying fabric sheets over the ice. 

Other ideas for creating a more sustainable future included making different types of meat in a lab, so fewer greenhouse gases are released from farming and factories. 

Overall, it was great to have the opportunity to go on a school trip, something we’ve not had much chance to do since the start of Covid. I came away with a strong reminder of how important it is for us to play our part in battling climate change and would recommend Dynamic Earth to anyone interested in learning more about our universe, the World and creating a sustainable future.





Ponteland High School