Iceland diary by Alice K and Rosie

11 March 2024

First day:
We arrived in Iceland after a long journey yet we were delighted to see snow. We then travelled on and met our tour guide who was very knowledgeable of the area. We then got dropped off at hotel Viking which was very cool due to the fact each group had their own little hut. We then layered up with hats and gloves to do our environmental quality survey where we visited three different sites. On our way back to the hotel we were all suprised to see a whale in the harbour !

Second day:
We met up with our tour guide again and we all went to the secret lagoon and had a swim, it was very warm. After the secret lagoon we got back on the coach and drove to a spectacular waterfall, it was amazing despite the snow storm which was rather torrential! Then we visited Geyser’s where we waited in anticipation, it was definitely worth the wait. We then carried on in the coach and visited a national park where we stood in the area between the Eurasian plate and North American plate; they move 2cm away from each other per year.

Third day:
First we visited the waterfall called Skógafoss, then we visited Reynisfjara beach where the sand was jet black due to it being from volcanic material. Then we carried on to Sólheimajökull where we equipped ourselves with harnesses, helmets and crampons so we could climb the galcier. It was absolutely amazing as we walked on top of the vast amounts of ice. We even tried a bit of the ice and it was rather nice! We then finished the day off with a stop at another waterfall which was very impressive.

Final day:
We then got on the local bus and we all made it to Reykjavík where we all had the opportunity to have free time. There was a variety of things to do such as gift shops, a beautiful church and a costal walk, where you were able to see snowy mountains just outside of the city. We then got back on the bus and made our way back to the airport, where we were all very sad to leave as it was such an amazing experience.


Ponteland High School