Kara-Amber and the The Children’s Foundation

07 November 2022

Kara-Amber has been the pure inspiration behind me joining a Social Impact group at work (Turnitin) and through this, I shared Kara-Amber’s story with the leadership team and we nominated The Children’s Foundation to be a partner with the Newcastle office this year.

This means the charity will receive a donation of $10,000 USD (or GBP equivalent). This money will have a BIG impact on the local community and in November we will be having a photo shoot with a ‘giant’ cheque, which we will ask Kara-Amber to attend too, as the charity is so close to her heart, she is the reason this connection has been made.

The backstory is:

When Kara-Amber was just 8 years old she was rushed into the RVI with a brain haemorrhage, after life-saving brain surgery, she made a remarkable full recovery. During her time in hospital she had a fun and memorable visit from the ‘Clown Doctors’ they brightened up the ward with their jokes and silliness. 

We discovered The Clown Doctors are funded by The Children’s Foundation, Kara-Amber wanted to take in thank you cards to say how much she had enjoyed their visit. The Children’s Foundation were delighted to meet Kara-Amber and hear she was all better. They asked to feature her in their newsletter. When we received a copy of the newsletter, Kara-Amber read the full thing and told me they were looking for volunteers at Christmas time to gift wrap presents at Eldon Square. She asked if we could put our names down, I wasn’t sure if the charity would allow her to help being so young but as she was so keen I asked and they happily said she could volunteer. 

Mum said “She did a wonderful job choosing bows/ribbons and writing secret Santa tags, she was a hit with customers coming to the stall, where she spoke so highly of The Children’s Foundation. Since then we have been doing this every year, last year Mr McGrane kindly granted her time off to do this” 


Ponteland High School