Kielder Planetarium - Year 8 Space Exploration

21 February 2023


Our Year 8 students have been learning about our Solar System and the Milky Way this term.

On Thursday 16th February and Friday 17th February, two astronomers from Kielder Observatory, Adam Shore and Finn Burridge, took our Year 8 students through a unique tour of the night sky. Instead of attending their regular Science lessons, students were plunged into darkness inside a planetarium and shown in vivid detail the constellations in the sky, including the Andromeda Galaxy. Dr Yates described it as “feeling like we were huddled together sitting around a campfire in the middle of the night”.

Afterwards, students took part in a workshop on space rocks. As well as the basics about the distinction between asteroids, meteors and meteorites being covered, students were able to handle genuine meteorites, some of them older than Earth itself!

Pupil, Will, said "This has been fantastic. The astronomers were so enthusiastic and answered so many questions."


Ponteland High School