Madrid 2022

15 November 2022

We were so looking forward to being able to take part in school trips again, and our recent trip to Madrid did not let us down- although the weather tried its best to spoil it for us!

46 students and 4 members of staff got to experience real Madrid in a rainy October. Open top bus journeys, football stadium tours, museum visits and even a trip to a theme park ensured we made a lot of new memories and experienced authentic Spanish culture.

The teachers were hugely impressed with the amount of Spanish being spoken by the students 

Ms Brokenbrow said “it was lovely to see the genuine pride the pupils took after ordering their meals and asking for help in another language. From ordering ice creams in Toledo, to trying out tapas meals and asking the waiter to split the bill in Spanish, the students’ confidence grew as the trip went on!”

Particular highlights include seeing the beautiful ‘Las Meninas’ painting up close in the Prado museum, walking around the massive Bernabeu stadium and enjoying a bit of bartering and last minute present buying in the Rastro market.

There was a lot of walking done – over 20,00 steps every day – but we did find time to enjoy a more relaxed day at the Warner Brothers theme park where we loved the fact that we had the park almost to ourselves for a couple of hours in the morning!

As mentioned, the weather did put a bit of a ‘dampener’ on our trip. Who knew it rained in Madrid? But we all definitely got a feel of what the city is like and  hopefully it has encouraged lots of students to go back and experience the Spanish Capital with their own families one day.



Ponteland High School