‘Mathematical Inspirations’ at The Northern Stage

27 June 2022

On Tuesday 21 June, 40 year 9 students headed to The Northern Stage to attend a 'Mathematical Inspirations' show. Over the course of two hours the students learnt about one of the most applicable aspects of our maths curriculum to real life in exploring probability and game theory. 

The students 'played' many interactive games in which they considered the interplay of chance and strategy when 'winning' a game. Audience participation was a must and 5 of our students, Paige, Daisy, Zak, Jefferson and Felix went on stage to compete against students from other schools. 

Mrs Pickover, second in charge of the Maths department, said “Congratulations again to Felix who managed to 'outplay' his opponents to win himself a cash prize!”

This engaging and enjoyable performance was followed by a picnic outside the Newcastle University's Students' Union. Mrs Pickover continued, “All students were excellent representatives of the school whilst we were out and came back ready to take on their classmates with their new understanding of strategy!”



Ponteland High School