My trip to Peru 2022 - Chloe Beechinor-Collins

10 May 2021

My Trip to Peru: 2022  

Chloe Beechinor-Collins 


Snoods by Chloe


In 2020, the company ‘Camps International’ came to do an assembly at our school, where we were introduced to the exciting opportunity to be able to visit Peru. I expressed an interest in going and the trip was originally planned for Summer 2021. To begin fundraising, I learned how to knit, which I did during the first lockdown. I made snoods (a scarf-type garment), which I then gave to my grandparents to sell to their friends. This was in the summer of 2020, so the weather wasn’t exactly ‘snood-weather’ yet. In addition, I also made Christmas and birthday cards. I had wanted to learn how to knit for a long time, and with my GCSEs being cancelled, I had a lot of time to try out a new skill! I struggled to do it at first, but I got quicker the more I did it. I also made a logo and stickers for the snood packaging which I called ‘Snoods by Chloe’.  The trip has now been postponed to 2022. Part of the 4 week trip is also an expedition to Machu Picchu. We will stay in different camps over the course of the trip and complete community support projects there. I am excited to be able to gain insight into a different culture. Hopefully I will be able to go in 2022.



Ponteland High School