North East Book Awards shortlist chosen by students in KS3/4 Book Group

13 March 2023

The KS3/4 book group have been voting on the North East Book Awards shortlist and have just chosen our favourite book for this year! Ms Digby, English teacher said "We couldn't separate When Our Worlds Collided and Activist as we loved them both, so have tied the winners!"    
Here are a few reviews from our members to whet your appetite:  

My favourite book was 'Activist' as it gave a voice for girls or women who are afraid to speak up. Not only does it tackle issues with Women’s rights it deals with climate change which is another important topic. “Together we can do better, be more”

My favourite book would be, 'When Our Worlds Collided' because it shows shards of reality which show us what the world is really like, in the ways of discrimination. It presents how some people are discriminating against others just because of their race,  even though they actually didn’t do anything wrong.

My favourite book was 'When Our Worlds Collided'. I think it addresses a very important topic but in very good portrayal that is accurate and very emotional. The characters are very relatable and it feels very realistic and inclusive. It is so worrying to know that these things happen so close and probably even nearer, and I recommend anyone to read this, whoever you are and whatever genre you read, as the themes and ideas in these pages are a very important read for everyone.



Ponteland High School