Outstanding castles by Year 7 - Medieval England

26 November 2021


We teach Castles at the start of our Medieval England Unit (History) and it is a part of the unit that is always well received by our Year 7 students. Prior to completing the extended homework task, they play a fantasy castle building game, in which they are allocated a budget (1000 gold coins) and they have to build a castle to defend themselves from an imminent attack. 


The Year 7 Castles extended homework task builds on this and is always one of the highlights of the academic year. The students are given two weeks to create their own version of a Motte and Bailey castle. Their creativity and commitment to this task, year on year, is incredible. 


Mr Bartlett, History subject leader, commented, “The students are always keen to tell me how many hours they have spent building their model castle, baking a Motte and Bailey castle cake, or getting creative on Minecraft. Their outcomes are amazing and always justify 

the significant time they have dedicated to the tasks; the standards just seem to get higher every year!” 


Ponteland High School