Parliamentary Debate Oracy project in Newark

21 April 2023

The recent visit to the National Civil War Centre in Newark was the culmination of the Parliamentary Debate Oracy project, led by Newcastle University, which involved four schools, two from Newcastle (the other being St Benet Biscop Academy) and two from Nottinghamshire (Newark Academy & St Magnus Academy). As part of the project, the students were involved in evidence handling sessions at both Newcastle University and the National Civil War. They also participated in a musket drill training session, which had to be seen to be believed! Mr Bartlett, History teacher said "Safe to say I don't think our armed services have too much to be worried about!"


The highlight of the project &  visit was undoubtedly our debate. The motion debated was, 'This house would lower the voting age to 16.' With Ponteland having arguably the tougher task of arguing for the motion, the debate team of Freddie R, Holly J,  Lewis S & Fraser H took to the stage of the Palace Theatre with confidence.  What followed was a mastercall of debating. Despite a highly credible performance from St Magnus Academy, Ponteland ultimately triumphed, with the motion for lowering the voting age being carried.


Whilst it seems unfair to single out any individual performance, Freddie R would also claim the best 'debate style' prize. However, this was a genuine team effort as all of the Year 12 History students in the class participated in researching the key points made by the debate team, with a number of students from the class also asking perceptive questions from the audience


Mr Bartlett added "As is so often the case, all of the students involved were a credit to the school"



Ponteland High School