Ponteland High’s Music students beat the Covid challenges (no pun intended)

05 March 2021

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  • Many things have had to be curtailed during the Covid-19 pandemic, however, some of our most talented musicians have not been so easily put off track. They are their peripatetic music teachers have been getting to grips with online tutoring to ensure that their progress has not been stilted. The result has been great success in recent ABRSM examinations as outlined below.


    Congratulations to the following pupils on their success in the recent music examinations:




    Louise Armstrong Year 13 Grade 8 Distinction

    Suzy Fielding Year 13 Grade 8 Merit

    Hannah Tumia Year 13 Grade 8 Distinction

    Abi Cuthbertson Year 12 Grade 7 Distinction 

    Katie Lough Year 12 Grade 8 Merit

    Annabel Parslow Year 11 Grade 7 Distinction

    Maelona Watson-Redhead Year 11 Grade 5 Distinction


    Clarinet and Saxophone


    Isla Cardno Year 10 Grade 5 Jazz Distinction

    Rebecca McNulty Year 10 Grade 5 Jazz

    Abhi Gautam Year 8 Grade 4 Jazz Distinction

    Maya Stockman Year 8 Grade 2

    Daisy Souter Year 8 Grade 2 



    Charlie Parker Year 12 Grade 5 Merit

    Maelona Watson-Redhead Year 11 Grade 4 Merit

    Sarah Miller Year 11 Grade 5 theory Distinction

    B Conroy Year 11 Grade 5 Merit

    Olivia Going Year 11 Grade 3 Distinction

    Jasmine Lever Year 11 Grade 6

    Alice Mathesan Year 10 Grade 2

    Izzy Robinson Year 10 Grade 4 Merit

    Rose Stevenson Warrander Year 9 Grade 2 Merit

    Archie Carter Year 8 Grade 2

    Oriana Hulse Year 8 Grade 5 



    Maelona Watson-Redhead Year 11 Grade 5 Merit

    Francesca Singh Year 7 Grade 5 Distinction


    Mr Noble, Director of Music said ‘I am delighted by the continuing success of our pupils in their examinations and would like to thank the Peripatetic Staff at Ponteland High School for their dedication and commitment to our talented pupils.


    Ponteland High School