Ponteland High’s new gardening club plants tree for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

07 April 2022

Over the last few weeks some of our year 7 and 8 students from the Science Club and the Gardening Club have been working hard tending the raised beds and allotment we have in school. Now that the weather is improving, they are able to get out and do some weeding. The students are now starting to see a big difference! 

On Wednesday 16 March we had a visit from Sam from Cowells Garden Centre who has agreed to come into school to support the gardening club every month. Sam donated a tree for the students to plant next to the allotment area to celebrate the 70 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The tree will take 10 years to grow to its full height. In addition, a plaque will let other students know in years to come about the tree, who planted it and when. 

Mr Allman, who runs the Gardening Club, said: “The students are really keen to be involved with the gardening club and, as I keep telling them, you have to be patient. Once the weeding is done and the raised beds prepared they will be able to plant vegetables, seeds, fruit and flowers. I also reminded them that it will now be easier to keep the weeds under control as the raised beds haven't been touched since last year.” 




Ponteland High School