Ponteland High School A-level and vocational results (August 2022)

26 August 2022


Ponteland High School is very pleased to report some outstanding achievements by its students in their A levels and other qualifications this summer. Students have achieved superb results across all subjects and we are really proud of their achievements, particularly in light of the significant challenges they have faced during the pandemic.

An amazing 26 of our students have achieved a clean sweep of grades awarded at A* and or A, which is a phenomenal achievement, particularly in light of the significant disruption to their studies during periods of school closure over the past two years.


Notable performances include:


Rachael Foster: 4xA* English Language, Maths, Further Maths & Psychology
Nicola Ho: 4xA* Fine Art, Maths, Further Maths & Physics
Nicholas Dobson: 3xA* Maths, Further Maths, Physics; 1xA Economics
Samuel Armstrong: 3xA* Maths, Further Maths and Physics
Chloe Beechinor-Collins: 3xA* English Language, French & German
Sebastian Sloan: 3xA* Maths, Further Maths & Physics
Ben Wooley: 3xA* English Language, Media & Film & Religious Studies
Harvey Johnson: 2xA* Economics, Maths; 2xA - Further Maths & Physics
Jemma Tilbury: 2xA* Maths, Further Maths; 2xA - Chemistry & Physics
Tom Beales: 2xA* Economics, Geography; 1xA -Maths
Hannah Eggleston: 2xA* English Literature, History; 1xA Chemistry
Niamh Steadman: 2xA* Biology, Economics; 1xA Chemistry
George Storey: 2xA* Maths, Physics; 1xA Economics
Jack Stuart: 2xA* Biology, History; 1xA Maths
Ben Dawson: 2xA* Maths, Further Maths; 1xA-Physics;1xB Chemistry
Tily Mathieson: 1xA* Biology; 2xA - Maths & Physics
James Burn: 1xA* Biology; 2xA - Chemistry & Economics
Anna Wilson McDonald: 1xA* Biology; 2xA - Maths & Chemistry
Ben Swann-Tanton 1xA* Geography; 2xA - Biology & Economics
Jake Clayton: 3xA Business Studies, Economics & History
Lucy Carmichael: 3xA Business Studies, Economics & Psychology
Max Fawcus: 3xA Maths, German & Physics
Marcus Jeffery: 3xA Biology, Business Studies & Economics
Amber Ruddick: 3xA Biology,Chemistry & Maths
Kathija Sharif: 2 Distinction * , Cambridge Technicals in Business and ICT


Three students, Tom Beales, Nicholas Dobson and Hannah Eggleston will be studying at Cambridge University from September. 

This year, students sat public exams for the first time since 2019. Ofqual’s (Office of Qualifications & Examinations Regulation) approach to grading in 2022 reflects a midway point between summer 2019 and the teacher-assessed grades of 2021.

Ponteland High School Headteacher, Stefan McElwee said: “We are delighted with the results achieved by our Year 13 students this year. We must remember that this cohort have not sat public examinations before as their GCSE exams were cancelled at short notice in March 2020. It is especially pleasing to see the students have performed so well across all subjects despite their limited exposure to formal exams.

I am particularly proud of the resilience and positive outlook they have maintained through the many pressures and disruptions caused by the pandemic. They have continued to focus hard on their studies and have more than risen to the challenges presented. Today is a day for them to celebrate fantastic results and to look forward to further successes in their next destinations, whether that be higher education, apprenticeships or employment.

 Our teachers have worked tirelessly to minimise the impact on students and ensure they have been well supported academically and emotionally. They too can celebrate the successes of their students and feel pride in how well they continue to serve all the students in our school. 

I hope our Year 13 students will look back on their time with us fondly. They are exceptional, inspiring and talented young people who deserve every success. I couldn’t be prouder of them and I look forward to hearing about their further achievements in the future.”


Mr Stefan McElwee.



Photographs courtesy of Paul Norris/Pont News and Views


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