Rosie B attends the British Youth Council at the House of Commons

01 December 2022

On 3 to 4 November, Rosie was invited by the British Youth Council (BYC) to represent Northumberland in 5 debates in the House of Commons in London. These debates were on Education and Health, Discrimination and Health, Cost of living crisis, Environment and Health and Mental Health. 

Rosie said ” The main speaker, Linsey, did the majority of the debate and in between these debates different MPs spoke. After the debates, the BYC all had to vote out of the 5 what their target for next term will be ,the data was collected and the ‘cost of living crisis’ issue beat the rest by a mile!  

The Cost of living crisis will be the focus of the BYC for the upcoming year in Northumberland. Well done Rosie!


Ponteland High School