Sixth form students lead the way in supporting reading with Year 7 and Year 8

02 December 2021

One of the benefits of having a 6th form is that we can make use of their skills, abilities and desire to help others. This week we saw this vividly during the launch of our Y7 reading scheme.

 During the 15 mins of morning registration, a number of our lovely Y12 students read alongside our Year 7 and Year 8 students. This aim is to promote regular reading time for our younger students, to encourage positive relationships across year groups, and to aid reading fluency and comprehension. It is also just great to see students sharing a book and talking about what they have read to check comprehension and to encourage a love of reading through being positive role models. 

 English teacher, Miss Emmerson, has been the driving force behind this initiative and commented, “I’d like to offer a huge thank you to our Sixth Formers for the mature and responsible way they have approached this activity. They have been so supportive and encouraging to our younger students and it has been great to see the positive response from Y7 and Y8.”


Ponteland High School