Summer Holiday Transition Projects

01 October 2021


It’s clear to see from the quality of this year’s ‘Summer Holiday Transition Projects’ that many students spent hours planning, preparing, researching, writing and creating over the summer holidays.  With topics ranging from holidays in Somerset, facts about Edinburgh Castle to ‘via ferrata’ climbing, baking and surfing!


Following on from his enjoyment of the ‘Bee Project’, Alfie from 7JBR completed a very detailed project on ‘Moths’.  Leo from 7JSU constructed an amazing robot from different coloured blocks of lego.  He spent hours over the summer on his brilliant creation and was keen to show his classmates!  And in ‘Where there’s a Whisk there’s a Way!’ Claudia from 7CEM, used her Dad’s birthday as an opportunity to research different types of cakes, why we eat birthday cake and the history of baking.  She then went on to create her very own showstopper and her dad remarked “Looked great- tasted ever better!”!  A new contestant for ‘The Great British Bake Off’ in the making


Ponteland High School