The Anne Frank Exhibition by Scarlett F

22 May 2023

What is the Anne Frank Trust?

 The Anne Frank Trust is an education charity that encourages 9 - 15 year olds to challenge all forms of prejudice by learning about the life of Anne Frank. Young people will gain the knowledge and skills to make a difference in society and in schools.

If members decide to advance in their learning, they can apply to join the youth empowerment programme, where they’ll be able to go on trips, go onto media interviews, and participate in online workshops.


What do members of the exhibition do?

Before educating others, members are taught about certain aspects of Anne Frank’s life, from early childhood to hiding in the secret annex. They are also taught about the uprising of Hitler and what had occurred during time in the camps. Furthermore, members are given chances to discuss prejudice towards groups, and they are given work booklets that include details of anti-semitism and other related topics.


Student’s opinion

In my opinion, taking part in the exhibition is an opportunity I wouldn’t risk missing. Anne Frank and her story is incredibly interesting, and is a piece of history that we shouldn’t forget. The staff give you support if you feel nervous about presenting, and they upskill students well with their presenting and communication factors. 

Members are chosen for the exhibition from their traits. They are most likely to choose students who are dedicated, hard-working and confident in their work.


Ponteland High School