UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador Programme 29-31 January 2024

22 January 2024

Congratulations to staff member Paula Davison on being accepted for the UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador Programme!

70 teachers from across the UK are set to take part in the programme, which runs 29-31 January 2024.  

Teachers from across the United Kingdom are set to discover more about how UK Parliament works - and how they can engage their students in politics. Participants on the UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador programme will watch debates in the House of Commons and House of Lords, and learn more about the role of MPs and Lords, doorkeepers and select committees. They will also tour the palace, meet fellow teachers, and have an opportunity to quiz Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, and his counterpart in the Lords, Lord McFall of Alcluith. 

Sir Lindsay said the three-day programme ‘offers a great opportunity for politicians and teachers to share experiences’. ‘In my view, you are never too young to get involved in democracy and to make things happen - so giving teachers an insight into our world is a great way to pass that message back to the classroom,’ he said. 

‘We also appreciate having the chance to talk to teachers about their experiences, to thank them for their hard work - and to see how we can work together to get children interested in politics." 

Lord McFall, the Lord Speaker, said: ‘The Teacher Ambassador Programme is exceptionally well-regarded by the participants each year, and I welcome the opportunity to explore the work of the House of Lords with such a dedicated audience. 

‘As a former teacher and one who has a continuing engagement with young people, I know how keen they are to understand how politics works in practice. This successful initiative is a great opportunity to encourage that interest.’ 

Fran Jeens, UK Parliament’s Head of Education and Engagement, said: ‘Hundreds of teachers from across the country have been trained through the Teacher Ambassador programme, and have gone on to teach thousands more students and colleagues about the UK Parliament.’  

‘I congratulate this year’s successful applicants and thank them for their support in inspiring and engaging young people with the work of the House of Commons and House of Lords.’  


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UK Parliament’s Education and Engagement Service works with schoolsUK Parliament Teacher Ambassdor Programme and Members of both Houses of Parliament to support young people in developing their understanding of Parliament and democracy. Offering free programmes and resources, Parliament’s Education and Engagement Service informs young people about the role, work and history of Parliament through educational visits, tours, publications, outreach and competitions. It connects young people with Parliament and democracy today through active learning, and empowers young people to get involved by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to take part in their democracy. For more information about other programmes available from Parliament’s Education and Engagement Service, visit Learning Parliament UK



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