Year 10 pupils win Bronze, Silver and Gold awards at the UKMT Maths Challenge!

09 March 2022

60 of our Year 10 students sat the UKMT Intermediate maths challenge at the start of February. We received the results last week and 27 of our students achieved a bronze, silver or gold award for an excellent performance.  

The challenge requires students to apply maths skills in problem solving and logical contexts and is very tricky. Three of our students (Dominic W, Luke C and Charlie S) achieved a Gold award which puts them through the next round of the competition taking place in a couple of weeks.

Mrs Pickover, Maths teacher said “We have never entered this many students before and we are really proud of everyone that took part. Problem solving is a valuable life skill and this challenge has highlighted not just what excellent mathematicians we have in school, but also their resilience and ability to think differently, congratulations to everyone involved”

Full list of students who won awards: Isaac C, Joel C, Lucy C, Luke C, Isabella C, Adam D, Kathryn D, Nathan E, James G, Declan G, Emily H, Kieran K, Samuel , Lucy M, Luke M, Rory M, Ben M, Sammy N, Tia R, Ashton S, Rebecca S, Charlie S, Christopher U, Dominic W, Emilie W, Ben W and Lucas Y.


Ponteland High School