Year 10 visit Nissan Manufacturing plant

21 October 2023

On Friday 6th October 2023, we took our Year 10 Design & Technology GCSE students to visit the Nissan Manufacturing Plant in Sunderland. 
It was an excellent trip where the students learned about the automobile manufacturing industry. We were shown round the factory and saw how the cars are made and the variety of jobs needed in the factory from working with robots that weld the cars, to fitting out the cars with their equipment,  to testing that all cars meet the high specifications required by Nissan.
Our students were told about the different career opportunities at Nissan and they are going to work with Nissan on an engineering project where a group will aim to solve a problem the factory is experiencing. Staff from Nissan are coming into school to help support this project and the students will get an opportunity to present their finished work to experts at the Nissan Plant in the summer term. 
Careers Coordinator, Mrs Bowring said "We have had such positive feedback from our students about how much they have enjoyed and benefited from this experience of the world of work".


Ponteland High School