Year 10 visit the Laing art Gallery

27 November 2023

On Friday a group of year 10 students attended the Laing Art Gallery to take part in a creative writing workshop run by professors from Northumbria University. 

The students created some amazing pieces of writing based on a number of art works in the gallery. They were thoroughly engaged throughout the trip and have hopefully left inspired with many ideas for creative writing moving forward. Their resilience towards the fear of a blank page to be filled with writing was fantastic and showed their positive attitude towards learning. 


The first part of the session they looked at an apocalyptic piece of work that encapsulated what it was to live in the 20th century and out of that the students created some amazing dystopian pieces. They drew on what it was like to live through a global pandemic and other unsettling experiences of the 21st century that they have gone through. It was amazing to see how poignantly and sensitively they wrote about such ‘big’ topics of conversation. 


Secondly the students were free to roam the gallery and look at the art works and create descriptions based on the pieces they liked the most. Out of that the students wrote lots of different pieces, from romantic sensory settings of the countryside in summer to glamorous goddesses getting ready for a photo shoot. 


A great day had by all!


Ponteland High School