Year 11 students Rosie and James spend the day in the House of Commons

24 November 2023

Year 11 students Rosie and James spent the day in the House of Commons as part of their term as youth MPs for Northumberland. This included the opportunity to participate in a debate, broadcast live on BBC Parliament, chaired by the Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons during which James was called upon to speak. You can view his contribution at 35 minutes in the Youtube Link below. As well as this they had the chance to tour parliament and meet with other Youth MPs from around the country. Rosie was even interviewed for BBC Parliament’s Instagram!

See the youtube video here

James shared, “On the 17th of November I, as a Member of Youth Parliament representing Northumberland,  went down to London for the Annual conference in the House of Commons to debate with MYPs across the nation on Universal Free School Meals for the Food For Learning campaign. One highlight of the trip was listening to the inspirational speeches by so many young people all wanting to make a difference for the constituencies, and also having the opportunity to be part of an interview on Disability History Month which is published on the UK Parliament Instagram.”

Rosie commented, “Recently I was lucky enough to go to the House of Commons, as a member of youth parliament and the youth cabinet for Northumberland. Amazingly, I was able to speak in the chambers on holiday hunger as part of our food for learning campaign. To take away from this experience, I have learnt much more about the UK’s democratic process and core British values, and would encourage anybody interested in this to sign up!”

Deputy Headteacher, Mr Greenshields remarked, “We’ve been so proud of the contribution that Rosie and James have made to their community. This opportunity to participate in parliamentary debate and to share their ideas with the nation via BBC Parliament will have created lasting memories for them both. Rosie and James demonstrate the difference that young people can make to those around them by being active citizens, something that we seek to promote with all of our students through Citizenship studies during our tutor time programme.”

Students interested in signing up for this year’s Northumberland Youth Elections should speak to Mr Greenshields in school.


Ponteland High School