Year 12 Work Experience 2023 – Blue Stamp Travel

11 September 2023


The Languages Department are very proud of Joel, Jessica and Natalie who completed a work
experience placement in Lille, France!


This summer I did a work experience trip to Lille. I worked in a hotel where I helped with the breakfast, the housekeeping and on the reception. This was very valuable for my French and has really helped me develop my fluency and listening skills. Whilst it was hard at first, especially the first day, thanks to the people I was working with, I became a lot more confident with my French. I also enjoyed visiting Lille as Natalie and I saw the various sights and museums as well as visited the park. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience. Jessica R


In Lille I worked in a small children’s clothes shop called Okaidi. My job was to help customers, fold clothes, and put out the new stock. Overall this experience really helped to improve my French listening skills and well as improving my conversational skills. I would highly recommend this trip and it was a once in a lifetime experience. Natalie F


Our hotel was in the centre of the city so there was no need for transport (saving much stress). Lille, though not one of the most visited cities in France, has some beautiful historical features. Its culture similar to that of Belgium in many ways due to proximity. For example, many specialty dishes are shared and restaurants even put up flags for the Belgian Fête Nationale. It has a pretty town square surrounded by various food places and shops. We were free to explore in the evenings after work. I had a great time sitting and chatting with the other students in the café terraces in the evenings. I think that everyone who went had a really great time. The team leaders were really good at helping us solve any issues. Joel C


Ponteland High School