Year 7 Careers’ Fair

25 January 2024


On Wednesday 24th January, Ponteland High School hosted a career networking event for our Year 7 students.  This fantastic event provided students with valuable insights into various career options and inspired students to consider their future endeavors.  Featuring representatives from a diverse range of industries from the NHS to finance to photography, Year 7 students had the opportunity to explore potential career paths, learn about different career journeys; gain first-hand knowledge about the workforce and recieve valuable advice on entering into different industries.   


Following the event, the Year 7 students were keen to share how much they had learned.  The Nike representative was popular with the students: Ava said “I liked hearing the stories from his career and especially all the fanous people he’s met along the way.  Blake from Year 7 found the finance representative really interesting, particularly how he had made the decision to pursue a career in finance despite being a talented footballer player when he was younger.  Callum enjoyed talking to the team from the NHS and said “it was really useful how he explained all the different type of jobs you can do in the NHS.  This has really helped me to start thinking about my plans for the future.”


Ponteland High School