Year 7 Team Building Adventure at Plessey Woods

18 September 2023

Only a week into the new term, our fantastic Year 7 students set off on an adventure that they will remember for the rest of their time at Ponteland High School!  During the week, each Year 7 tutor group embarked on a day filled with team building activities in order to get to know their tutor and form class.  The trip was a great opportunity for building relationships, developing communication skills and learning how to solve problems together.  Mrs Babu, one of the Y7 tutors, said she had a brilliant day and she really got to see the developing personalities of her fantastic form class. 

The activities, which were organised by Pinpoint Adventure, included crossing a toxic swamp, climbing through a rope web and orienteering.  The weather was kind on most days and the students were bothered by wasps rather than the rain!  However, 7MMo and 7PAn must be awarded for their resilience on Friday as the relentless drizzle did not dampen their spirits!  Indeed, Max from Year 7 commented:  ‘It was amazing. The best day ever! Definitely, the best bit was trying to get the ball to roll a certain distance just using some pipes- we were really good at that one!’


Ponteland High School