Year 8 pupils proudly show family members around Ponteland High School

18 February 2022

Ponteland High School proudly opened the doors on Tuesday and Wednesday this week  to show Year 8 parents and carers around the new school building. Year 8 pupils relished the opportunity to show family members their learning environment. 

Greeted with tea or coffee and members of the Senior Leadership team, pupils were able to freely walk around the building showing parents where their lessons take place. After a long period of uncertainty and rules around Covid, it was great to see such an enthusiastic response.

Year 8 pupil Ethan D said, “one pupil said to me that you don’t realise how good the school is until you show someone else around!”

Another Year 8 pupil Macey L said, “ one parent commented that you don’t realise how big the school is until you are inside”.

Deputy Headteacher, Mr McElwee, said, “ We are delighted to finally have the opportunity to share our wonderful school building with parents. We are acutely aware that the COVID pandemic has disrupted our ability to meet and greet parents in school and the chance to address this by opening the school to our Year 8 parents has been warmly received”.


Ponteland High School