Year 8 visit to York

19 April 2023

Fifty of our Year 8 students went on a 3 day residential trip to York just before the Easter Break.

We set off on Monday and after a slight change in the itinerary ended up starting our 3 day itinerary in York Minster. We didn’t have the opportunity to go up the tower as planned but there were some good exhibitions to look at and we went down into the crypt.

We then went on a river cruise along the River Ouse and the sun was shining and it didn’t rain at all even - if it was a bit chilly!

After that we went to the hotel which was just on the outskirts of York and we were able to walk into York for our evening meal at Pizza Express, followed by a walk along the castle wall and back to the hotel.

On Tuesday it was very wet so we took the coach into the city centre. We started off at the York Castle Museum which was amazing and had lots of different exhibitions from different decades. Some of the older members of staff can remember some of the exhibits very well from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

The students then had a short walk to the York chocolate factory but also had a chance to do some shopping down the Shambles before our time slot. They also had a bit of time afterwards to do some more shopping before we took the coach back to the hotel.

Once we got dried off, it was time to get back on the coach to go for our evening meal at Bella Italia. By the time we left our evening meal venue, the rain had stopped and we were able to enjoy our ghost walk around various places which included some back alleys, before meeting the coach to take us back to the hotel.

On Wednesday we had our usual 'all you can eat' breakfast before loading the coach with our luggage for our final day in York.

The weather was a bit cold but it wasn’t raining which was a bonus after the day before. We took the coach to the York Dungeons and despite a few students who were concerned at going into the dungeons at first, they all went in and enjoyed it. After that we had a nice walk along the River Ouse to a local park where the students had some fun on the playground and had our packed lunch before walking back to the last activity.

Our last activity was to the Jorvik Centre and the students enjoyed the ride that took you through the different places in York and what the places were like and what went on in each part of the city. We then had a short walk back to the coach and departed back to school.

The feedback from the students during and after the York trip was really well received by the staff who took them: Mr Allman, Mrs Robinson, Mr Shone, Miss Andrews and Miss Timmons.


Ponteland High School